Eleanor Tennyson

Writer and Performance Artist


Eleanor is the author of The Hairy Manifesto (self-pub, Good Press). Her critical essays have been published by SPAM Zine (2021) and by Freedom Press (2021). She is currently studying for an MFA in Poetry at Columbia University.

With a background in repertory theatre, choral music and IT, she is currently exploring interdisciplinary models of written and somatic practices. Originally from London, she studied in Glasgow and is now based in New York.


Eleanor is open for all forms of communication, collaborations, questions, critical conversations. Feel free to reach out.



A Manifesto for the Hairy Body for Freedom Press
November 2021

Love as a Question of Destination in Augustín Fernández Mallo’s Pixel Flesh for SPAM Zine
June 2021

Traverse Writers Workshop led by Hannah Lavery, September 2020